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12 June 2018
Mkhatshane Consulting

Mkhatshane Consulting

Mkhatshane Consulting needed a website that will help the company explain its services, showcase their business units and connect easier with prospects. We were happy to be their preferred web design partner.

About Mkhatshane Consulting

Founded in 2015 and officially registered in 2017, Mkhatshane Consulting is a company that provides pharmaceutical services to varying individuals in the community. This includes business owners, cooperate and individual patients.

The company was founded by Mr. L Mkhatshane, who holds a B. Pharm degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. “There are all these different fields of healthcare, the pharmacies (retail, manufacturing, wholesale), medical aids, the hospitals and the doctors and the patient is often caught in the middle having to choose which will give the best service. I am here to help make that process as less painful as possible.”

You can AskLwanda for advice on which product to buy for a particular condition so that you are guaranteed efficacy and not have to go back to the pharmacy because the medication didn’t work.

AskLwanda whether or not your medical aid will pay for a particular product and which options you have as substitutes or generics.

The Problem

Mkhatshane Consulting needed a website to explain its services, showcase their business units and connect easier with prospects. The website also had to have separate pages to showcase its business units. So Bandela Media created a modern, mobile-responsive website to meet the company's vision. As a cherry on top, we also incorporate a live-chat to easily the company with potential customers visiting the site.

Project Summary

Start Date: 07 January 2018
Framework Used Wordpress Development
Pricing Package Standard Website
Project Duration: 7 Days to Completion
Site went live: 14 January 2018

The Results

A stunning website for Mkhatshane Consulting


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