We're Bandela Media
We create online companies.

Quick facts about Bandela Media

Bandela Media is a South African based company headquartered in the East London city.

The company was founded in 2013 by Bandela B. Mgoqi as an after hour project.

The company is registered and not funded. It's currently bootstrapped and grown organically.

We are in the business of startups. The business of turning ideas into reality. The business of creating solutions accompanied with value.

We are here to create solutions. Our vehicle is the internet. We do this by creating, owning and operating a number of online companies that are aimed at making your life simpler and more efficient. We believe in augmenting entrepreneurialism. Because real entrepreneurs create real, sustainable jobs and real, lasting prosperity for people. And that it all start with helping your small business thrive.


Below are some of the ideas we've turned into real companies.

Launched in August 2016, Chekmarket is an online marketplace for African handmade creations.

Chekmybiz is cost-effective, an all-in-one website solution for small businesses.


Discover what's happening at Bandela Media
18 August 2016
Bandela Media Launches a Marketplace for African Handmade Creations

Bandela Media Launches a Marketplace for African Handmade Creations

Bandela Media has today announced the launch of Chekmarket, an online marketplace that will allow consumers to buy handmade creations with a strong African cultural influence. […]
12 August 2016

Bandela Media launches its brand new website.

Bandela Media launches its brand new website engineered by Chekmybiz Bandela Media (Pty) Ltd has launched its brand new website under a new domain name https://bandela.media […]
1 April 2016

Bandela Media launches A Complete Website Solution for South African SMEs.

For small business owners to get more prominence and visibility online, Chekmybiz helps them by creating aesthetic and professional looking websites that follow the latest web […]

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